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How to choose the right breed for yourself:

Having a dog who is a perfect companion starts with knowing exactly what you want to do with your dog, so the most critical step in canine ownership is choosing the right breed of dog that fits your life style and vice-versa. Anyone interested in ownership of a dog should ask the correct questions and be honest in their answering. The better you know what you want, the better you can pick a breed who will fit your lifestyle perfectly and bring you joy.

What Is My Favorite Thing To Do With My Dog?

If you would love to have a dog who will go hiking, camping, swimming with you; then picking an active working dog is a great idea. If you however picture your dog relaxing on the couch with you after a long work week, and you do not want to satisfy his desire for extensive activity every day, you need to choose a much calmer breed. Toy breeds are ideal for this!

Does My Dog Need To Stay Alone For Long Hours?

If your job requires you to be gone for many hours a day and you don’t have a family member or neighbor who can pop in and take care of your dog, you should not pick a highly attached companion breed.

Are Siberian huskies easily trainable?

  • Siberian huskies are the not the easiest dogs to train, in fact, the opposite is true. Whenever we are accessing how easy or difficult a dog is to train, we need to consider his original breed purpose. Siberian huskies were bred to work with sleds in extreme weather conditions, to run over extensive distances without showing signs of exhaustion.

  • Siberian huskies do not work together as closely with their humans as herding dogs. While a sled dog handler would give the lead dog directions and instructions, most of the time the majority of the team follows the leader and runs.

  • This means that in developing the breed, there was no focus on will to please. Siberian huskies are very independent dogs that will not always pay attention to what you are asking them to do and almost all huskies can never safely be off-leash in an unfenced area as it is almost impossible to teach them to not run away.

  • Siberian huskies are very intelligent but they have a mind of their own. It's easy to make them understand commands but expecting them to follow commands can be a struggle. Being true pack dogs, the best way for Siberian huskies to follow you no matter what is to build a strong bond of trust and love with them. If they trust you, they are more likely to do what you ask.

Behavior & destructiveness

  • Many adolescent Siberian huskies  are surrendered to shelters because of their intense need for activity and tendency to do significant damage.

  • Siberian huskies will not bite unless provoked and get along very well with humans and dogs. Their social butterfly temperament however does not mean that they are an easy-going family dog.

  • Siberian huskies require a lot of physical exercise and if they are not provided with sufficient mental and physical outlets they can tear apart furniture, chew on tables, doorframes, dig holes outside, and try to escape for better entertainment elsewhere. in your doorframes and walls and eat everything they find. in short a bored Siberian husky can become highly destructive and cause a lot of damage to his owner’s home.

  • Male Siberian huskies  tend to be more energetic, outgoing, and have a more dependent nature. Female Siberian huskies tend to be calmer and more nurturing, which families with young children often need.

Buying a Siberian husky

  • A Siberian husky is not the right breed for everyone and potential future owners must be certain that they are:

  • Able to provide at the minimum 1 hour of daily exercise as they require extensive amounts of physical exercise and mental stimulation in order to not be destructive.

  • Able to company and socialize their husky every day for several hours. Separation anxiety can be a problem for Siberian huskies. They are pack dogs who need to be with their family and not alone. A bored or stress Siberian husky will be an escape artist and a destroyer of property and belongings.

  • Fine with the fact that (unless kept in a large and completely fenced-in property) their Siberian husky can never be trusted off-leash in an unenclosed area.

  • Aware that Siberian huskies are very friendly and do not make good watchdogs. They love everyone and are more than likely to greet an intruder with open arms.

  • Understand that from an unexperienced eye they Siberian huskies seem very aggressive when playing. Best dog to play with a husky is another husky that gets it.

  • Able to do a lot of brushing and deal with intense shedding, especially during the season change.

  • Aware that Siberian huskies are not the most ideal dog breed for a beginner as they are not an easy-to-train breed of dog.

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